Monday, June 3, 2013

Other stuff

Some things that just didn't fit in the other categories!
Toothpick construction 3 feet long

Toothpick construction 6 feet long! 

book design for a friend now available on
Mini watercolors on toothpick easels - a student taught me how to make the easels
My first cranes


more Tulips

Origami Tulip I made today for an extremely nice lady!

Origami Tulip that I made and will take today to a friend in the hospital. True Origami must be made with only one piece of paper and as this has two pieces "Modular Origami" would be a better description. "Ori" means to fold and "gami" means paper.


A great coffee shop!

A place where I loved to go and get my hair cut!!! (watercolor)

a local home (ink)

Macramé necklace with Tennessee arrowhead that I made years ago, but I want you to especially notice the Crinoids (fossil animals) I used for beads as I looked for a long time in a creek to find some that would have a hole in them and also be graduated from small to larger and then back to small again.

Art Trading Cards!

Art Trading Cards 1 - 1st row "Happy in the new day", "The little bird afraid to leave the nest", "Sitting and Opining", 2nd row "Smug and self-assured", "Elvis on the planet where he wound up", "Flowers", 3rd row "Daisys trying to make a chain", "Smugness will wear off!", & "One unhappy bunny"


Art Trading Cards 2 - 1st row "Weeding the Garden of Difficulty", "Eating the Last Pearl of Wisdom", "Scaling the Furry Mountain", 2nd row "Trying not to Step in Something", "Just Flowers", "Even Vultures Feel Despair", 3rd row "Landscape", "Wading through the Lava Lake",  and "I'd go ahead and cross, but I think the Chiggers would get me!"


Art Trading Cards 3 - 1st row "Weeding the garden of despair", "I just don't know!", "I went as far as I could", 2nd row "The look you get when you get a new fellow", "When we fail to come to terms", "I'll be ok as long as I don't have to move", 3rd row "Little bird looking for that free Bubble-up and Rainbow Stew", "Saying too much with really nothing to say", and "Coming in for a hard landing."

Art Trading Cards 4 - top row "Watching the sunset together", "Some people just aren't nice!", "Why is the grass always greener on the other side?", 2nd row "Oh why did I buy that Beta machine!", "Catching the wind isn't very easy!", "Do we always have to clump together?", 3rd row "Sinking in the quicksand of life", "In the pond no one can hear you scream unless you are under water", & "There were too many distractions on my stroll!"

Art Trading Cards 5 - top row "Making a choice for supper", "Running Blindly", "The piece of Ribbon Candy that got away at Christmas time", 2nd row "Some say 3 eyes are better than two", "The Creature from the oily, black lagoon! NO wait! That's no lagoon! That's the Gulf of Mexico!", "When snakes learn to hop", 3rd row "Stuck, and just can't move", "NO! You can't have my cookie! It's the only one I have!", and "The one door that I truly wanted to find!"

Art Trading Cards 6 - top row "The little puppy that sniffed too much", "A Thrilla not in Manilla", "The stubble the razor left", 2nd row "What I got when I mixed green and red", "The last hair standing", "I overheard more than I should", 3rd row "When all of the harmonies are just right!", "Don't stand too close to the saw!", and "The one mad bunny!"

Art Trading Cards 7 - top row "When Onions find their voices", "The little mouse that lost his mind", "Sniffing the gathering storm", 2nd row "When trees learn to hop", "Not everyone's hair can be just right!", "The bunny that ate some of the leaves off of the clovers so that no one would have a chance to find a four-leaf clover!", 3rd row "Just when the fungus made one last attempt to grow", "The one time I wished that they could have whispered just a little more quietly!", & "When the sunburn really hurts!"

Art Trading Cards 8 - top row "What upset me out west", "Preparing for the upcoming battle", "When the Genie won't go back in the bottle", 2nd row "When the demands of life become too difficult", "Daffy Dills", "When Roses are jealous of Daffy Dills", 3rd row "Putting one's best foot forward often draws admiring glances", "Waving goodbye to my final sunset", & When fireworks aren't pretty!"

Art Trading Cards 9 - top row "The things that fly over us at night while we dream", "How most of us looked at puberty", "What a snake has to go through to get a kiss", 2nd row "What you look like when you pitch-a-fit!", "If you say that one more time, I'll give you a big pinch!", "What remained after someone cut a rainbow in half", 3rd row "Where I'd like to go a wandering", "Snooglenorfs", & "The one time Harpo couldn't play the piano!"

Art Trading Cards 10 - top row "If only snails could sing, then Slimey would be a star!", "The wolf looking for the boy that cried, 'Wolf!", "What Jack Kerouac saw just before he went out on the road!", 2nd row "I finally found my lost marbles!", "When leeches leap for joy!", "What it looked like inside the tornado!", 3rd row "When Dandelions go bad and commit crimes!", "Before the 'Horn of Plenty' fully developed!", and "How to tell if a Faberge egg is hard-boiled or not! Or maybe someone's just trying to signal an 'N' and a 'D" in semaphore language!"

Art Trading Cards 11 - top row "When the Yellow Brick Road led the wrong way", "Why Histamines make you sneeze", "When we all sink in the mud", 2nd row "Where Kandor was moved to by the cleaning lady while Kal-El was away on vacation", "Not the Bridge over San Luis Rey", "For most of us, it was the most beautiful sunset that we'd ever seen! But, for others that happened to look in the wrong direction at the wrong time, it was just something that they missed!", 3rd row "What it looks like when you don't hit the nail on the head", "The hiking was difficult, but at least the view was nice!", and finally "The reason Picasso had a Blue Period!"

Art Trading Cards 12 - top row "When you throw the pie in your own face", "Octopi don't lie!", "It was finally determined that this particular frog couldn't be turned into a prince!", 2nd row "We are his friends, but even we didn't think that he had a chance to win until he proved us all wrong!", "When Vampires aren't pretty!", "Grumpiness isn't always contagious though sometimes it is!", 3rd row "What Brine Shrimp ideally think they look like", "Another reason why the bird in the hand is worth two in the bush", & "This is how bacteria ask for a date!"

Art Trading Cards 13 - top row "Taking my final bow", "He may not have been the best looking fish that I ever saw, but he was a good friend, and he had a great personality!", "We all envied the one that matured enough to finally fly free!", 2nd row "Not widely sought after, but still a rare flower", "I usually adhere to the Ugly Duckling theory, but there's just something different about this guy!", "What happens sometimes when we aren't looking", 3rd row "Most of us look first before jumping head long into something", "Purr!", and "Where old Birthday candles go to die!"

Art Trading Cards 14 – top row “A quiet response often turns away wrath”, “Where I used to live until the property taxes got too high”, “Witnesses to my catch and release program though some were waiting to grab him as he hit the water”, 2nd row “I remembered too late what I wasn’t supposed to do”, “Opuntia opining as I silently tied them all together”, “When the whistle blew, we all made a mad dash in all directions”, 3rd row “ The kind of flower Butterflies avoid”, “There is a reason why the tallest always get picked first for a basketball game”, and “Close, but, not enough for sparks!”


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