Monday, April 15, 2013

Barg takes a trip and trips but finds solace

Directions can be difficult!
I finally just sat down right in the middle of the road as I didn’t know which direction to go! Should I go back the way I came? Commence further on down the very same path? Or, just run screaming and yelling helter-skelter off onto a totally new path? I think I’ll just sit here in the shade until I can figure this thing out! I’m thinking that the “road less traveled” might be a better choice for me as I can’t find the two roads that are diverging in a yellow wood…. In fact, I haven't even seen a yellow wood anywhere!!! Surely this isn't like the song, "Watch out where the Huskies go!"??

 Trying Another Direction
I decided to try a totally new avenue of thought as to which way to go. It's all open territory
as far ahead as I can see. I just hope that I made the right choice! There were so many other
ways to go that seemed far easier.....

Landing On My Head!
Hello! I don’t know if you remember me. I’m the guy that was sitting and trying to figure out which direction to go in life. I tried flying through the sky during my last episode, but as you can see that just wasn’t the right way to go! That last attempt to find the path through life for me just didn’t work out. At least I didn’t fall on Marble Mountain or land in Prickly Forest! Still, I guess it could have been worse and after all, “A frown is only a smile turned upside down!”

The next step in learning about life!
Hello! Do you remember me? I’m the guy that set out to find some meaning and direction in my life. At some point during my last experience, I found that I had taken the wrong path. I fell from the sky as a result of that one and landed on my head. I have managed to get myself upright, but something just doesn’t seem quite normal! Maybe I hit my head a little too hard. I think that I am seeing double or even triple! 

At Last! A lesson learned!
Hello! I hope you remember me and my attempt to understand the true meanings of life. I feel that I have learned from this journey, and I want to impart some of the lessons that I have learned to you! So, ponder on this knowledge that I have learned! I believe that it is truly important! This is the lesson I learned: “See no evil! Hear no evil! And! Speak no evil!” I did finally achieve an important lesson from all of this and I want you to also gain from my experiences. I had to learn the hard way, and I hope you won’t have to learn this important knowledge
 through such a strenuous effort as did I. 
Good luck to all of you!

The continuing episodes in the life of Barg!
Barg's cousin Carg came to visit to try and help him understand his new role in life.  Carg told him, "Seeing no evil!  Hearing no evil!  Speaking no evil!  just wasn't enough in today's world."  Carg also added, "Texting while driving is a very bad thing!"  "Plus kicking out a window while asleep isn't something you should do."  Then, as they sat there discussing life, Barg noticed that Carg reminded him of Alfalfa.  But he decided to not text while driving to save lives!


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