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Cousin Will

Cousin Ray Burch!

Bella considers what chalk looks like

Edward does his thing which is usually just a stare.  But that
is usually enough...

Carlisle would like to know if you want to
play baseball!

Tom Clancy 1946 - 2010
My Friend, and I'm glad he was!
Tom was a great friend and a wonderful person to know! He served his country during the Vietnam war.  He was a great tennis player and tennis instructor. He also helped instruct a local high school tennis team during his spare time. He made those that knew him happy to be around him! If you needed anything, he would be happy to help out! He was always smiling and that smile would warm your heart!

Grant Go! -  he's a happy baby!


A Smiley girl
She smiled a lot!

a soldier that defended his country

The Syd and her friend

Trent and Rip

Tay Tay

Taylor Reanne

Brian's folks

A new creation!  Lakin, the sleeping baby! 
Learning the rules of life! Learning a new language, the customs, the skills necessary to survive or accomplish as much that is possible in this new existence. Understanding the complications of the world with its many varied ideas and beliefs, and deciding which ones are morally and spiritually conducive to full development in the human experience. Accepting the differences of others without harmful retaliations to them or from them. So much for a baby to learn as he or she grows! But "Baby Steps" are designed for this very purpose. Languages, ideas, beliefs can be more fully understood as time goes by.  Time. It is long. But you are just a newborn and your time can go slow! Sleep, eat, cry, and learn. This time is yours! So, rest and grow for your time has just begun. May God bless you as you go through this life and world!

Christmas kids

Eden, my little cousin

a foal that is loved!

a girl named Taylor


Peyton Manning at UT - still gets the pass off while
being tackled!

a boy and his tractor

Jacob Black wants to know which team  you are on... and you'd better hurry up and make up your mind while there is still time!

I got older

and then I turned green

Little Shell # 3 (1829-1900) - The last Chief of the Pembina/Turtle Mountain Ojibway.
In 1896 he gave his name as: "Ayabe-way-we-tung" or "He who rests on his way!"
(This was drawn for a member of the tribe)

The Royal Family of Magic!” (circa 1932).
World Famous Magician, Joseph "Jack" McCloud Gwynne was married to JR’s first cousin, twice removed, Anne Laura Apel. Top row in the drawing is son Virden Weaver “Bud”, bottom row left-to-right is daughter Peggy Gwynne Cole, Jack, and wife, Anne Apel Gwynne!  Jack is in the Magic Hall of Fame. Jack was a friend of Orson Welles and appeared in “Citizen Kane” and other movies!
        Magician Harry Houdini came to see Jack’s performance and hired Jack to build several props for the Houdini show. Jack invented a lot of his own magic tricks and had a workshop in his garage to build the tricks.
        With the USO, Jack made a tour of stateside army bases and hospitals, entertaining the troops. In 1944, Jack and Anne Gwynne embarked on a year-long tour for the USO, through remote parts of North Africa, Italy, Iran, India, Burma and China, presenting hundreds of shows for soldiers on the front lines of combat. Upon their return to the United States in July 1945, the Gwynnes had logged some 30,000 miles of travel for the USO.
Abbott’s Magic Get-Together in Colon, Michigan, presents the “Jack Gwynne Excellence In Magic Award” each year to an outstanding magician.
In the end the Royal Family of Magic consisted of Jack and Anne Gwynne, Frank & Peggy Cole, Bud & Helen Gwynne, Grandchildren Mary Anne, Gwynne, Frank III (Little Bud) and Beth Cole, Jack and Gigi Gwynne. Mary Anne adds, “We all worked in the show at various times. Little Bud (my brother Frank III) started working in the show at age 3 or 4.”

Sir Paul

Timothy Art Sousley 1957 – 2011
Tim was a great person to know! He taught me how to make a pin-hole camera, take a photo and develop it. I still have my pin-hole camera and the photo I took that day. I would show the camera and others I have in my collection to a college class I once taught in a course of “Intro to Art” when it came to the chapter on cameras. I would tell the class that this camera was one of my favorites!

Michael "Steve" Love (1955 - 2011) a friend's cousin

William, my nephew


My friend Bailey Ann

Autumn and Sophia

 Wade on his Grandpa's shoulder!
To see the glory and wonder of this world through the eyes of a child, to know the love of caring parents and grandparents, and to spend your life never failing to honor our God - this is the path to true happiness, love, and joy! In the Bible Mark 10:15 Jesus said, "Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein."

Zoey Catherine 
 God wanted a lovely Zoey flower to make His garden in Heaven glow with her beauty and so took her to be with Him forever!

 Shawn Clark Hunter 1971 - 2012 My cousin

The Lady of Cofitachequi
Hernando DeSoto's chroniclers described her as "very gratified and charmed, both with
her descretion and her great beauty, which she had in extreme perfection!"  DeSoto was
not nice to her and took her prisoner.  She escaped and made it back to her tribe.

a young lady!

another young lady!

Cousin Sophia!


Sharon and Dan!

Marguerite de La Rocque (A Tale of Survival)
Marguerite de La Rocque's place and date of birth in France are unknown, but records show that she made a declaration of fealty and homage in 1536 for her lands in Périgord and Languedoc, which are beautiful regions and provinces in France.   She was co-Seigneuress of Pontpoint, with her relative Jean-François de La Rocque de Roberval, a nobleman privateer favored by Francis I of France.  In 1541 Roberval was made Lieutenant General of New France , which is now part of modern-day Canada.   The following year Roberval set out for the New World, taking Marguerite, who was still young and unmarried, with him.  Roberval ended up abandoning Marguerite on the "Isle of Demons" near the Saint Paul River in the Gulf of St. Lawrence Seaway, possibly to take over her            inheritance because his debts were high.   Marguerite survived by hunting wild animals, and was rescued by Basque fishermen many years later.  She became a celebrity in France after returning when her story was recorded by the Queen of Navarre in her work Heptaméron.

In the Navy!

"Henry" - Nana's special little boy!


His grandparent's joy!


Serving his country in the Air Force!

Carrie and Jeremy!

Shawn & Leslie!

"Union Jack!"
A baby is a very precious creation coming into existence into this old world.  A new being who will be brought up with all of the love a mother can give!  A wonderful joy to his grandparents and great grandparents!  I, myself, was at the wedding of his great grandparents many years ago and Jack was a sparkle in their eyes even then!  It can be said that, "What a newborn baby dreams is a mystery!"  And for a year or two, what he thinks will be a mystery too!  But in the meantime, he will communicate with coos and smiles!


Baby Roman - his mother sings to him, "I'll love you forever!  I'll like you for always!  As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be!"

Tyler - The Wild Man!
He was found living in the jungle as a primitive man.  We couldn't understand him at first. He kept saying "Tah! Tah! Tah! Tile! Tile! Tile! Hur! Hur! Hur!" so we called him "Tyler".  When he had finally learned some rudimentary language, it turned out that he had known some English words but had lost the ability to pronounce them.  What he had been trying to say when we first met was that he admired my tie and that he really liked her, by which he meant an attractive female anthropologist that was with us.  It turned out that he hadn't seen a woman in many years! 

                                         Zadi May!
"If I am thinking correctly," said Winnie-the-Pooh, "a new baby is probably, undoubtedly the grandest gift that could ever be!"   And as far as I'm concerned, Pooh is correct!

Eliza Blu how do you do!


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