Sunday, April 14, 2013

Art of the Mind - in color

Art of the mind in color

Will you be our mother?
"We can't find our mother!!  Will you be our mother?  We will imprint on you and follow you anywhere!"  "Well, you are cute and all, but I guess it will depend upon how you taste.  Umm!  You taste good!  So, I guess I can't be your mother!"  "Now the only thing left to figure out is if my cucumber friends are burying one of their own or getting ready to make a salad for the feast!"

The Tiny Creature Emerged into the Wrong World!
Just when the very small lost creature thought that he had escaped from the worst jungle that he had ever seen and found an entrance into another world,  he emerged into a realm far worse than he had ever experienced before!  "Oh me!" he said, "This is definitely worse than anywhere that I've been before!"  "This world seems to have danger at every step....."  "I'm afraid to even take one step forward!"  He turned to try and go back to the other world but the door had closed.  Dimensions can be very difficult sometimes!   (created with oils)

I Hear You Knockin'!
"Knock, knock!"  I hear you knockin', but you can't come in!  That door has closed and the lock is changed!  There's no place for you that remains!  "Knock, knock!"  "Who is it?"  "Land shark!"  "What?"  "Uh... Pizza delivery!"  "Pizza? But, I didn't order a pizza."  "Uh..... Free Steve Kay Furniture!"  "Free furniture?  Well come on in!"   (in oils)

Are you afraid of Clowns?
There are quite a few folks that are afraid of clowns!  You shouldn't necessarily be afraid of them.  Some of them are really quite nice!  Emmett Kelley comes to mind, and though he always seemed to be sad; he was a really nice guy!  Now on the other hand, Stephen King's "Pennywise the Clown" always makes me want to run the other way.  That's the kind of clown that just doesn't do good to anyone!  So how do you tell a good clown from a bad clown?  Look in their buckets.  A nice, kind clown will have flowers, pieces of colored paper, or water in his bucket.  A bad clown will have his bucket full of red stuff and bones.  A tumor on the side of the head is another indication of a bad clown.  Scars, dripping red spots, axes, hatchets, knives held in the hand, and a crazed look in the eyes are also indications to run quickly in the other direction.  If the clown says, "There are balloons in the sewer!" you are in a Stephen King novel, so try to get yourself written out of that script as quickly as possible!  If you look in the clown's eyes and they are "soul-less," then hit that guy quickly in the face with a pie and run away as fast as you can!!!!  And, if you ask if he is a member of "The World Clown Association", a bad clown will say he is a card-carrying member of the WCA, but he will be lying!  Evil clowns are never accepted into that prestigious group!!!  So, look for other indications as to good clown qualifications if you want to be safe!

My Secret World!
Hello!  I normally don't invite people into my secret world, but I believe it would be more fun to play marbles with someone else than just by myself!  So, I am going to open up my private space and if you want to come in and play marbles with me then you would be welcome!  Skipper I have forgiven you for stealing my semi-precious moonstone agate marble, but I don't think you will be invited!!!

(oil 40 X 30 inches)

To Climb the Golden Mountain!
My friends and I were considering climbing the Golden Mountain. "There has to be a vast fortune awaiting us at the top!" one friend said. I was somewhat skeptical. "All that glitters is not gold!" I said, thinking about the Iron Pyrite that had fooled some of my friends. I considered adding a few more adages such as "Don't cry over spilt milk!" and "Don't count yo...ur eggs before they hatch!" But, I didn't think those would apply here on this particular problem. One friend thought that there had to be a lot of gold up there as he said, "Look how much has already flowed down from way up high!" I thought that there was probably less at the top than at the bottom due to the fact that the mountain seemed to get a lot smaller as it went up, but decided not to comment on that. The debate went on for awhile. My friends were so excited that I finally responded with "Ok!" I said, "Let's climb!" "But what about all of the brain suckers that are floating around up there?" my usually cautious friend said. "Won't that be kind of dangerous?" he added somewhat scared. He is the one that always thinks something bad will happen no matter what we try. Still, he can be talked into anything the rest of us want to do. So, I know he'll be climbing right up behind us. The air certainly was thick with those brain eaters, but as they move very slowly I wasn't too worried. You just have to be careful of their tentacles as they can silently sneak up on you! And, if you aren't careful then .....bah!...bk!.........ppt!....ppt!....!!!! (too late!)

My wife and me!
I "sproing" and my wife "squirms" when we move!   Some might say I "hop" and my wife "slithers."  But I think my movement is more like a "sproing" than a "hop" and my wife definitely "squirms!"  But, that's what makes our world go round, and  I wouldn't trade her for all the world!

Being careful in a dark and strange land....
I am hiding as I travel across the desolate plain of my many mistakes in life.  I have made far too many of them, and now as I must cross this area one last time an even bigger mistake would be to stand up and draw attention to myself by hollering out, “Here I am!”  I have already stood out too many times by doing things that have kept me in this dark, slippery region of my life.  I am ready to move on to a brighter, happier realm of existence if I can just move on out of this place unnoticed.  But the other prisoners/bottom-dwellers/dungeon-lovers here would quickly point me out if they could see me to keep me from going, so I must keep low and be very quiet until I am finally free!  Shh!  Don’t tell anyone that I am leaving!!

Who hit my son with the ball?
Ok!!!!!  I am first going to very patiently take care of some business.  I'm not going to yell and scream yet....  I know it must have been an accident.  But, as soon as I get through wiping my son's nose and drying his tears ─ then I'll want answers!  So, if you want me to remain calm, you'll tell me, "Who hit him?"  Or, otherwise, I will not be able to contain my emotions over my son's broken nose.....  Now, I'm going to take a deep breath and count to ten....  One....! Two....!  Arrrgh!!!!  I can't wait any longer!!!!   All right!  Who did it?

A bad landing!
Coming in fast the hard way!!!  Nose first!  The landing gear just won't drop down!  There is an old saying which goes, "...always hold your head up, but be careful to hold your nose at a friendly level!"  That means to always be nice and kind to those around you but still keep a sharp eye out in case there is trouble!  After I regain consciousness from the crash, I will take a look around!  That is if I can find my nose.....

Bozo runs
But, he ran a little too fast!
(one of very few acrylics)

Violence from Innocence
(one of very few acrylics) 

Crowing too much about one's accomplishments often gives one the big head which may not even be deserved. It makes it even worse if no one is listening or caring what you say!

Flirting with the object of my desire!

 Levitation and Telekinesis!
After many trials and a lot of mental power, we had finally mastered Levitation and Telekinesis!  And at first it was a lot of fun, but as time went by I grew bored with it.  It was like any other new thing to me - TV, video games, baseball.   At first TV was fine!  But, then they changed the programming and instead of a TV season running for many months - it only lasted for 4 weeks and then I had to wait for a whole year before the show came back.  And the commercials!!!  There used to be one or two every 30 minutes and now the commercials were lasting longer than the shows!  In video games - Frogger, Pong, and other games were great until I could get a game where I could make a character move in any direction and interact with beings in the game.  Through time, changes do occur.  Mutations, changes, adaptations came, and finally our ancestors were born without wings or feet as we no longer needed them to move about.  Though my friends don't think like I do and are oblivious to my concerns, I am concerned about what might happen if we ever lose our ability to float....  Or, do I just worry too much about things????  

 Kissing my children goodbye!
But, after all they do have to leave the nest at some point in time!   My youngsters have always been kind of small and don't fair well after leaving the nest, but having laid and hatched out over 100 eggs each time I do know that mother nature will ensure that at least one will survive!  I kiss each one goodbye and tell them to do well in life!  I love to tell them the story of "The Three Little Pigs" as they leave and hope that they will "always do their work before they go and play" but I think that most of them just go off and frolic like there's no tomorrow!!! 

Kids say the darndest things, but big problems sometimes come wrapped in small packages. Just watch out for little things that might bump you in the night!

Knock! Knock! Who's there? Weed! Weed who? We'd like you to move just a little bit to one side if you don't mind! (brief pause) Knock! Knock! Who's there? Weed! Hey didn't we just go through this? Yes, we did, but you didn't move! So, please answer! Ok! Weed who? Weed Eater! Oh no! I fear the weed eater! I thought so! Now, please move out of the way!!

She said that she wanted the nest built in a certain spot. But, after he built it in that exact spot, she said she wanted it constructed somewhere else! Sometimes, she just isn’t very pleasant to be around, and he worked so hard on it! He kind of wishes that he was one of those creatures that builds a nest, and waits for the female to come to it and see if she likes it. And, if she doesn’t like it then she can just move onto the next guy…. You just can’t please some people no matter what you do!

Nessie teaching the youngsters how to swim!
and, that's not easy!

Still looking for Br'er Rabbit! 
You'd think that the laughter would give them a clue as to his whereabouts. But then, pain can be such a deterrent!

I’ve got the sniffles awfully bad! I’m going to fight the sniffles during this allergy season. But, those pollen grains are so small! It’s hard to hit them!

Steppin' out on the town. As if I had anywhere to go!

 "The Creature from the Oily, Black Lagoon! No Wait! That's not a lagoon! That's the Gulf of Mexico!"
(an art trading card)

The Earth rolls on in it's own fragile way!
This old world keeps on spinning, rolling along. The quiet music it makes causes me to sing a song! "Old ball soaring through this universe don't let us forget that you are special!"

My Little Pearl!!
Sometimes I unfurl everything and let my little pearl be seen!
Though it's a very complicated process to bring it into view, I'm so proud of my
little pearl that I want to show it to you!

The Powimi Bird
On our planet, Earth, the Kiwi female lays the largest egg in relation to their body size of any bird on the planet. This egg can be up to ¼ of the mother’s weight.  However, on a not so distant planet, another type of bird, the Powimi, lays a normal size batch of eggs. But upon hatching, the males never grow any larger. The females quickly leave the area after laying the eggs, and their minute mate guards and tends the eggs until they hatch. It's a lonely job, but some bird has to do it!

"The Father & Son talk"
Having finished with “the talk,” I quietly waited for any follow-up questions. But then I was asked a question that I really hadn’t expected!

The Banana Kid
Delicately balanced, perching lightly, heart on his sleeve for breezes can be so hazardous!

I bought some larger-sized paper. It was too large for my scanner, and I lost some of the area. But, the look on the bird's face was the most important thing, anyway. All I could think of was how happy he looked. Hence, the title "Bliss"!

Bombs Away!
I'm not trying to make a political or military statement. I believe as Rudyard Kipling might have said, “You only kill to eat or to keep from being killed.” I’m not really sure if I am trying to make a point. Sharks just scare me after I saw the movie “Jaws”. I don’t go into the water above my belly button anymore. I used to go a long way out. But, never again. Even though I read that “Most shark attacks occur in shallow water!”

My Garbage heap!
I Love my garbage heap
Some have their wonders.
I have my garbage heap.
Some have their glittering towers.
I have my garbage heap.
Some seek beautiful belongings.
I have my garbage heap.
Some seek to rope the wind.
I have my garbage heap.
Some ride in limousines.
I sit on my garbage heap.
Some gain the whole world.
I have my garbage heap.

The Steep Climb
I'm attempting to climb that impossible peak! Why does it always have to be so steep and difficult to climb? It does help to have a strong tale to tell, and a muscular tail to help in the climb on the trail, or so I'm told.

Eating on the plains
"Why yes! I would like some more!" "We've been out of Shmoos for quite some time now!"

Crowing too much about one's accomplishments often gives one the big head which may not even be deserved. It makes it even worse if no one is listening or caring what you say!

Tsunami Conglomeration
What life looks like underwater after a Tsunami. It gives me the "Underwater Willies!" But, shows that even then - someone isn't afraid to parade despite we all washed up together. What a mess!

Happy Bird!
When a bird is happy hatching out his little blessing.
Sometimes, when the worst comes out in a bird
you have to figure out why this happened.
In this case, it was because he hadn’t received
his turn to sit on the egg.
You can tell from this picture that his demeanor is
a lot different when his turn finally came.

Mad Bird
When the worst comes out in a bird
Perhaps he stayed up too late.
Or, did someone kick his puppy?
Maybe he was out of milk for his cereal.
Maybe he got up on the wrong side of the bed.
Was the butter not soft for his toast?
So many reasons can upset a bird!
Perhaps the rain drowned the worms
and made them slimy
Perhaps it was too dry and the worms
didn’t come up!
So many things to consider or else
we’ll have to face his wrath!

Welcome to my Garden!
I love my blue stones! I arrange them in any way I choose. Many people won't talk or associate with me. Maybe it's my hair, or the way I dress. But without companions, I have more time alone to enjoy my stones. So, I will live in my world, alone, until someone wants to learn more about me! Alone? Not alone! I have my beautiful, blue stones to keep me company!

Wondering which way to go
There has to be at least one direction without
someone blocking the way...

Red Things Resting
Tallest spires vie for the chance to hold and caress the red things that fly about. The advice they give to young ones is to grow tall fast if you want the chance to be a mount!

Where the Red Things Grow
I'd often wondered where the red, floating blobs come from. I finally was told by a know-it-all-bird that these guys are the young of more stationary beings. The males are hard to recognize which goes against how nature intended. The females are usually very large and sedentary. Both male and female of the species were able to soar when young, but lost this ability later in life when they forgot about being young and wanted to be older, so they could stay out later at night.

Ocean's X
The strange things that come out of the ocean when we're not around. One wants three, but the other only offered two. Myself, I get seasick from the rolling of the waves.

A Cold Virus Looking For Me!
He wants to shove those hairy things up my nose to release histamines in my body and make me sneeze! Oh! No! He's looking right at me!!

Marbles in the swamp
In this swamp are my lost marbles. Perhaps from my mind, or just ones I had when young. There are many difficulties to get through to make it to the other side of this swamp! Some are sharp and pointy. Some can eat you up. Some will state very hard questions to be solved in order to make it through. Sort of like life, I reckon.

Surfing Hazards by The Desert Sea
Son! No more hot-dogging on the surfboard!
Remember! You never take the egg with you when you surf. It’s too dangerous!
Unless, you want to be on the news like Michael Jackson and his baby!
And, never surf with anyone that doesn’t have a red board!
Also, you might want to get a larger-sized board next time!

The Zen Road
Contemplating Entering the Plain of Zen
Here I stand.
The silent call comes to me.
I must go past the dry desert path into a place
that at first will be even more scant of moisture.
However, that is the only true way to gain the answer.
Having walked past that memory, the quiet, empty space, where one single story beckons, will appear.

Western march
Most head west – some do a reverse and go in the other direction. I’d say they are following the lemmings, but Walt put me on about that. If they’d just have looked at the cows bedding down, they’d have realized they were going in the wrong direction. Timothy Leary said we all go west until we run out of room, then, we go up into outerspace.  Well, that's
what he said!

Too Much Caffeine
He had heard that "Red Bull" would give him wings. And, knowing that his wings were short and stubby, drank some. As he flapped furiously off the cliff, his little mind raced from the caffeine until the realization came - he just couldn't fly!

My Last Ever Mating Dance!
I'm getting old. So, I'd better put everything I have into this dance one last time!

Crossing the river of difficulty

Contemplating crossing the “River of Difficulty!”
This passage must be completed before life can be
re-engaged on the other side. Is it deep? Is it shallow?
The only way to find out is to begin wading! And...don't forget!
Watch your step!

My Cupcake
My Cupcake! I love my little cupcake! It looks so sweet and dainty! Its sugary frosting is so delectable! Everyone wants my cupcake, but I won't share its goodness! Since I can't have my cupcake and eat it too - what will I do? Because I don't want anyone else to share in its delicious flavors; I think I'll eat it myself!

Teaching the youth of America!
X = 2 by the way...

Substitute Teacher
and the kids are the same!

Birdies get together
Colorful birdies clumping together
Shielding themselves from inclement weather.
Rustling their feathers, clacking their beaks,
Finding delicious, worm-filled treats!

Too long on the trail...
Saddle up the stove ma 'cause I'm riding the range tonight!

  Delectable greens are in short supply.
Guess I'll have to make do with what I can find...

They are both on one side of my coin. Usually they are separate - one on either side. Mine seem to be on the same side.

My Lost Marbles
I'm still searching for my lost marbles. It seems to be rather difficult to find them. Perhaps they were stolen...

Not the Blue Meanie!
There can't be any more Blue Meanies as we have all found love! Well anyway, turned upside down - he at least smiles!  "Hello Glove!"

 See!  I told you he could smile!  After all, a smile is just a frown turned
upside down!

Plumpies bracing into the wind won't be deterred by difficulties coming their way!
Though things are getting rough, they face their difficulties...

Too long in the desert
When I lived in the Sonoran Desert, I’d spend a lot of time out in it exploring. I learned to use a Native American technique to ease thirst by placing two small pebbles under my tongue. This guy apparently didn’t learn that lesson.

Where the Sun goes at the end of the day
We’ve all seen the sun disappear at the end of a bright day. It goes down over the horizon until it finally vanishes. But somehow, it returns the next morning from the other side of the earth until it reaches us once again. Since I am curious, I had to find out where the sun goes when it disappears. So, one day I followed the sun. As I hid and watched, I saw it sink slowly onto the earth and then flow down between the mountains and hills until it disappeared below the earth’s surface. I guess it flows on and is pooled down deep inside the earth somewhere, and then moving swiftly through the earth, it returns to the other side of our world by rising up to the opposite surface. I guess, because it is light weight, it comes up once more into the sky! At least that’s what the Sun Dog told me, and he must know as he wears sunglasses!

What to do since I didn't win the election?
Climb a mountain? Read a book? Rest? Wait until the next one?
I just don't know what to do. Maybe someone should tell me.

 Commenting on my lost Moonstone agate marble
I had my best marble stolen from me back in the 50's! It was a Moonstone agate. I didn't use it very
much, as if it hit another marble a small crescent moon shape would appear on the marble.
So, Skipper, if you are out there..... I want my marble back!

Relaxed and Happy!

Birds love to relax, bathe in a shallow pool of water, or take a well-needed dust bath. But when they relax, that is when they are the most vulnerable!  However, just think how happy they are up until that one point of time when they can be so rudely awakened by a cat, etc. If only they could live on a world where nothing could harm them!


Early Feeding System
This is how feedings worked in my neighborhood. This system was observed by Air Force Specialist personnel who then adopted the technique for “In-Flight Refueling” for their aircraft by using a boom from the back of a KC-135. I've heard that it was a lot harder for them than for the fellows on my street. I guess the wind speed had a lot to do with their problem!!

Father and Son having fun!
Not everyone understands the joy of being a father and having fun with your son! But I do!!!

My very best clutch of eggs!
All came to admire my new clutch of eggs! Everyone admired their myriad patterns and colors!
But, then some silly rabbit jumped up, grabbed all of the eggs, and ran off quickly. The last I saw of
him was his little fuzzy tail as he hopped down some bunny trail. He was hollering something about,
"Ether is on it's way!" But, maybe I got that wrong as I was in shock. I at first thought that he meant he was sending back some ether to knock me out while I tried to get over my loss. I've been sitting and quietly waiting for some time now, but all I have to show for this is an empty nest!

 Dodos Dancing Among The Rainbow Mountains

What was I thinking?
I’m not sure what I was thinking. I was in “Military Mode” and realizing that we definitely needed some discipline in our ranks. But then, chaos struck and we weren’t sure which way to go. The flow of the world just about swept over us and washed us away until we finally regrouped and ran off the perpetrators that had caused the setback! A few more days and we wouldn’t have been able to overcome or correct that situation! I’m just so glad we had gone over and over in our training what was necessary in case such a problem ever occured as it finally did occur! "Be Prepared!" is the Boy Scout motto! As you can see - everything is back to normal!!!

Walking My Dargie!
Such a peaceful afternoon! Just right for a nice walk through the countryside!
Snarkie says, "Ark! Ark!" as we walk. He shuffles along on his three legs and sniffs things I can
never know! Though, I'm sure that some of those things I really don't want to
know how they smell!

 Waiting In The Wrong Line...
I thought that I was waiting for tickets in an awfully long, slow line until I realized that I had shown up at the wrong place. And, what I thought were people in the line were actually some kind of tall vegetation. But, it did remind me of the time my college roommate was waiting to get Rolling Stones tickets when the crowd surged and he was pushed through a plate glass window. As the paramedics were putting him on the stretcher he was hollering out, “Get my tickets!!!” Well, maybe these two stories aren’t exactly alike, but standing there for such a long time did remind me of my old friend. I’ll try to know where to go for sure the next time!
Sinking in the mire of life!
I have been green for quite a long time!  I'm just so sick about the things I see in this world....  How can a few tyrannize  the millions?   Why should prices rise without a shortage?  All the problems of our current time weigh me down and cause me to sink in the mire of life.  And though the world may weigh me down so far that I sink below the surface, I will cling to my faith in God even when my last breath is over!  And, I'm still looking for my lost marbles!  Maybe one fine day the solutions to this world's problems will all line up, and I will find the answers along with my marbles!

The Little Diving Duck
The little diving duck thought everything was going well; that is, until he realized that while swimming under water, he had somehow slipped over a waterfall.  He had been having such a wonderful time diving and swimming along the bottom of the river!  Perhaps it will be time to quit diving and soar out into the air!  After all, preventing a disaster is a good thing!

Singing in the woods!
My good friend and I went out into the lovely woods to practice our singing!  It was such a beautiful day!  The birds were chirping loudly, woodland animals were frolicking playfully along, and the warmth of the day made everything seem so nice!  When we thought we had reached a good place to practice our singing, we opened up our lungs and sang with such gusto that our notes reverberated around the forest!  The woods were very quiet as we finished our song.  At first I thought that the creatures of the woods were so enthralled with our singing that they just were besides themselves with joy, but then my friend said he had seem them running quickly for any exit from the woods that they could find...

Happy Dance!
I'm doing my happy dance just because that's the way I feel!!!

I came to the opinion that I knew everything!  I then proceeded to tell the world how smart I was!  I was almost immediately "Shushed!"  I was asked if I had heard the story "The Emperor's New Clothes!"  I replied that I hadn't, and then realized that I didn't know as much as I thought I did.  I also didn't understand the next comment, "You'd better go home and look in the mirror!"  I will need to re-evaluate my intelligence before speaking again.  I'll do that after I look in the mirror.

Too Gullible!

How many of you believe everything you see or hear about on the internet or in phone calls from people you don't know?  I can tell you right now that too many of you do that!  When a person tells me, "I have to send my bank's routing number because someone is going to put money in my account!" Or, "I've won the European lottery!" without actually being in Europe, I just want to scream at them, "Quit being so gullible!!!!"  Some then reply, "Gull-e-bull?  I've never seen one.  Can they really fly?"

Rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!

One of my favorite poems is "The Fish" by Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Bishop.  At first, she did not like this work and called it a "trifle" in a letter to a friend. There are many reasons why I love this poem!   To me it is about life's problems.  The fish has given up in the poem.  He has given up on living.  He had fought off many a foe and fisherman.  Yet, now the fish is ready to give up and concede his life.  He has accepted his fate and not fought this one last battle.  Life is like that for many of us.  As we approach the end of our lives, we should consider how much more there could be if we could strive just one more time.  We fight as well as we can against the stacked odds against us.  At one point, the way we view life, its obstacles, internal struggles, and the lack of will to survive are all defeated when we let these problems go, fade away, and when mercy is shown to us just as the fisherman did to this great, grunting weight in this fine poem!  If everything becomes, "Rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!" we will realize that eternity has just begun, and we won't have to worry anymore.

Pickled things!
Pickled things you never see as they happily morph along!  Mr. Pickles might see them on the pickleball court if he can hop fast enough!

Being a meanie in public!
If you criticize, rebuke, or reprimand to severely in public, you may find that others listening to your
outburst may come over to teach you a lesson just as hard as the one you gave!  There is an old adage which states, "Praise in public and criticize in private!"  So, if you don't want to be attacked or ridiculed  yourself, then learn from this wise saying!

The Slippery Slope of Life!
A slippery slope makes sledding easy!  But, some of us really didn't want to slide.

Time to remove that tree!
"The best way of spreading Christmas cheer is singing loudly for all to hear!"  What?  Christmas
is over?  Then, I'd better take down the lights and remove the tree!   Is it too late to eat some
black-eyed peas and turnip greens for luck?  It is?  Oh my!  I'm always too late!

Bug music!
Have you ever considered the music of bugs?  We were invited to a bug concert.  They described their music as "mellifluous" which meant it would be sweet and musical!  However, most of us just couldn't understand the words or sounds they made.  Perhaps you have to be a bug to understand their songs!

I'm standing steadfast in my beliefs despite the criticism of the world!  Even if I am faced with seemingly overwhelming forces!  After all, the world will only go one way, and I don't want to go in that direction.  

Fishing Techniques in the 53rd Dimension!
Though sometimes they find themselves as the actual bait!

Angry mutant bananas!
When bananas get mad, they mutate!  They are angry because so many brothers and sisters have been pealed and eaten!  Try to imagine a large group of angry Piranhas and you'll understand.  And don't even mention the Centerville National Banana Pudding Festival to these guys!  Or, are they just overly ripe, and no one wants them?  Sometimes it is hard to say...

The Gossip Column!
A talebearer may reveal secrets that might be true but could also be false.  Words can wound and hurt deeply into a person's heart.  Fire can burn wood, but not spreading gossip can quickly put out a flame and cause strife to cease.  Usually gossip can say more about you than the other person!  So, please think before speaking about others!  As Bob Dylan sang in his song Positively 4th Street, "You've got a lot of nerve to say you are my friend!"

Floating along in life!
I love the slow, quiet floating along on the raft of life!  The peaceful stream sings a soft
lullaby as we go!  Birds are chirping!  Butterflies are flitting!  But because it is so quiet,
I can hear a distant roar....  Surely with all of this calm, there isn't a high waterfall just
around the bend?

Bungle in the wrong jungle...
Jethro might consider that bungling can only happen in certain jungles and not in every one!  Ian must realize that the secret language of birds may only be understand by the birdy population but does have meanings even past a dawn chorus!  And he should know that the passion of the play did cause a certain concert goer to freak out and run off thereby missing the opening and the rest of the performance.  That poor guy even missed the phone call when you said, "It's for you!"

The little virus tries again!
The little virus mutated and tried to dance again.  This time he tried ballet to see if he'd be left alone.
However, the anti-bodies were waiting just off stage.

The Rainbow Connection explosion!
"Kermie!" said Ms. Piggy.  "Do you think I'm pretty as a rainbow?" "Ribbet!" replied Kermie.  Which translates as, "Why are there so many songs about rainbows?  Rainbows are only illusions.  Sometimes, sweet sounds call sailors to crash on the rocks!"  He used the word "ribbet" so that he wouldn't have to tell her how he really felt!  Sometimes discretion is the best way to use words!

Surfing hazards
Catching a good ride can be fun unless you are person that was going up at the wrong time.

Truth is truth!
Truth comes from the smallest to the largest!  Accepting truth is up to you!

The world and directions...
Why have we as humans always gone in such different directions?  If only we could work together,
we would accomplish so much more on this planet!

Bully in the way...
I was just strolling along when a bully said, "Get out of my way!"  Would you step aside
or call for help from your much larger friends?

My Blue Period
The Blues are a category of music I love!  Perhaps, sadness led me there.  But, playing the blues on my guitar drives away those feelings!  There is a reason why Pablo had a "Blue Period".  He had problems selling his work.  He frequently visited a women's prison, and used the female prisoners as models though he could see their sad, desperate conditions.  He also had a friend die.  He painted "The Old Guitarist" in 1903 after the death of his friend.  I was lucky enough to be taken to the Art Institute of Chicago in 1972 by a friend who explained to me that when  she was alone in the museum, she could hear music coming out of "The Old Guitarist" painting.  For those of you that have seen this painting, there is a ghostly image of a woman that can be seen in this work.  I believe that playing the blues on my guitar frees my soul from the effects of problems and makes me smile!


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