Friday, November 30, 2012

Murray the Mole

Murray the Mole!
The unusual adventures of one strange mole!
Murray the mole steals a baby
Murray the mole had stolen Mr. Nosey’s baby. Danny Dodo saw him do it, but didn’t want to get involved. Furry, birdie balls without any feet couldn’t be much help. Clammy clam didn’t have any eyes, so he didn’t see anything! Will Mr. Nosey ever get back his baby?

Murray heads on home
Many didn’t understand why Murray had stolen a baby. Kidnapping, after all, is a very serious crime! If only everyone had known that Murray’s wife, Kay, had asked Murray to bring home some jelly beans after work, then they might have understood. Murray was a blind mole, who belonged underground more than he did above, and thinking he’d found a nice big jelly bean, he’d snatched it up to take home to his loving wife, Kay.  Kay had waited for quite awhile for the next installment in Murray’s life. She had been told by her good friend, Pam, that there "Wouldn’t be a next episode." But, Kay, knowing Murray as she did, knew that Murray always had something going on. Little did she know, as the village police force drove up to her home, that Murray had made, yet, another mistake in the "above ground world."

The Popo are waiting for him
Being thoroughly ashamed is never a good defense. The Law is the Law no matter how unkind. The law is the law no matter how blind. “Sort of like me!” thought Murray. “If only I had recognized that tiny squeaking noise as a plea for help!” “Though I’d never seen a jelly bean that made noises, I figured one that size had to be unusual.” The sentence wasn’t too harsh due to Murray’s simple mistake. Many of his friends came to testify that he was a decent person, though somewhat often confused. Murray was sentenced to 120 hours of community service which amounted to working in the Mayor’s garden. Murray didn’t mind the punishment, as he had dug through and under the Mayor’s backyard garden for many wonderful years. The mole hole was filled in and Kay Mole had to live with her sister while Murray served out his sentence working in the garden of the Mayor’s backyard. Kay missed the view of the mountains and of the crashed space ship, but she soon learned to adapt to their new life. With the new, unknown holes Murray had dug under the Mayor’s garden, they were able to build a considerably larger home with the additional added feature of fresh vegetables readily available by just pulling them down from the ceilings of the many tunnels Murray had dug.  Baby Nose complained of headaches for many years from being carried upside down. Therapy and aspirins proved to help. It wasn’t until Baby Nose was grown up that he finally understood why his father didn’t come and save him while he was screaming at the start of the abduction. Baby Nose finally figured out that short legs make for short steps. Kids are like that! Yeah, they are!

Murray the mole - part 4
At home, doing his usual thing. Mrs. Mole is happy, finally. Ah! Settling into the daily routine of life at a new home. And, it has become such a pleasant place! Still a little work to do in some of the chambers, but so far, it has all of the necessities a mole family could possibly want. Though Murray doesn't know that soon they "might need that little, extra, special room!" You know, the one with a special, tiny bed in it!

Murray is starting to wonder
Murray didn’t get it at first! Kay was humming all of the time and baking a lot. He thought that might be because she was happy having a new home, and he did enjoy all of the good cooking. He noticed that Kay was gaining weight but attributed the gain to all of the delicious desserts she was making. Then, one day while feeling around in a spare room, he felt a crib!


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