Sunday, November 25, 2012

2010 Art

Flirting with the object of my desire!

Tennessee Gray Tree Frog -Hyla versicolor (photo by me) Someone cut down some trees, and I found him all alone on an airconditioner.  He was white when I found him, but turned greenish gray when I took him to a tree by a creek to let him go.  A friend said that they will turn brown if you put them on a brown-barked tree.  He has yellow with black spots on the bottom of his legs.  He's only about 1 1/2 inches long.

BraggingCrowing too much about one's accomplishments often gives one the big head which may not even be deserved.  It makes it even worse if no one is listening or caring what you say!

A Boy and his tractor

 The Big Green Tractor!

Buckhead's Coffee Shop!

My Christmas card design for 2010
English Kingfisher

The Tetons!
Painted with permission and suggestion by photograph Richard Cronberg!

The Avian Scream
Someone is always screaming about something.  Undoubtedly this one is screaming because of a seriously painful nasal condition.  I would say, "A river runs through it!"  But, a river runs through most everything.  A river of joy.  A river of sorrow.  Sometimes a river of mediocrity or melancholy.  Whichever river flows by us will reflect in our eyes.

Boy!  Did I get an ear full!
Giving a piece of my mind to one who deserves it!
He went a little too far and though I'm small - I had to tell him like it is!

Bullock's Oriole
I Chirp; therefore I am!
*means “I love my little puff balls!”

"And! If you ever peck my son in the head again, I’ll show you what these teeth can do!" "You head-pecker you!" A word to the wise! Don't just peck at any little thing you see before you!

The Silent Race to Nowhere
Running hither and you – not sure of the starting or ending points -
just racing to stay alive. A better formation of legs or running appendages certainly would have helped some! And, the one directing traffic has them going in too many directions

How Tires Are Made
I’ve been told by my cousin in Ohio that tires are actually made in some other way. But, this way makes more sense to me. Some creature blows out rubber balloons into the air. They must then be caught by some kind of long, plant-like creatures before they fall to the ground and break. The plants hold them up and allow them to harden. I’ve also been told that Lawrence Co, Tennessee is the birth place of Aviation. I also believe that!

Hurt Feelings
You hurt my feelings and I hurt yours. You turned your back on me, so I'll
turn my back on you! Now, both of us are very upset and miss our friendship. Can't we just say that we're  sorry and that we will try to treat each other more kindly from now on? Please forgive me!

Moving Somewhere Quick
Timothy Leary once spoke about the human race’s westward march. A march that would continue until they had gone around the world and there weren’t any new western paths to take. “Now!” he said, “The only place left to go is up into outer space!” So, let’s all just scramble around until we can figure out how to get up there!
The slow fade away, the sinking into the oblivion of mire. I feel all walled in! The only escape is to melt into this chaos, and then be hidden amongst all the rest that are with me.... Oh well, it will be ok!

How to make your gal happy!
That’s easy! Just defend her honor!
“…..and then he said, ‘Who could like a girl with skinny legs?’’
And, I said, “You just walk on back to Texas, Joe!” “I’ll take
the girl with the skinny legs and all!”


When will it end? Struggling to balance everything out in my mind. Struggling to stay afloat as the waters rise. Struggling to see with these poor, tired, old eyes. I'm struggling because I'm welded together with too many things that all work to keep me from moving to where I need to go. Just plain old struggling

Zen and the art of listening to boring lectures about boring subjects.
Quiet contemplation amidst all the noise.
But, I stayed a little too long and now I’m stuck.
The blather of pointless discussion
Has hardened about my roots,
And fettered their ambulation;
I should have been more astute

The Meanest Bird in the World!
Some think that Cowbirds are mean when they lay their eggs in nests that are not their own. But, this guy would just stomp on Cowbirds and any others that got in his way!

The Hopelessly Mismatched Couple
So different, but at least he can still blow her a kiss!


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