Saturday, January 5, 2019

2019 Art

My Art in the year 2019

Male House Finch! ​(Haemorhous mexicanus) 

painted in watercolor by the gracious permission of photographer Bob Pickett!  While once native to Mexico and western North America, they have been introduced into the eastern 1/2 of the continent and even in Hawaii! 

Male Cape May Warbler (Setophaga tigrina) 

Cape May Warblers breed in northern North America, but breeding can range from all but the westernmost parts of southern Canada, the Great Lakes region, and New England. They can lay the largest clutch of eggs of any New World Warbler! They eat insects and will lay even larger clutches of eggs when Spruce budworms are plentiful.  They will feed on berry juices and nectar in winter because they have tubular tongues which are very unusual for a Warbler! They are migratory and will winter in the West Indies. They can be a very rare visitor to western Europe as two were recorded in Britain as of October 2013. Their name refers to Cape May, New Jersey, only because George Ord found this bird which was later described by Alexander Wilson. This species was not recorded again in Cape May for another 100 years, but can sometimes be seen at that location.  I appreciate Canadian photographer Deb Johnston for allowing me to paint this bird in watercolors!

Mike's Triumph!!!

Origami Tulip that I made for a friend!

A baby is a blessing for parents and grandparents alike!

Baby Emmit!!!!!
Now that's one happy baby!!!!

Kristin Larkin! 
I love her song writing and hope to get her new CD when it comes out!

Bobby Fricks - a good friend, songwriter, and a person who was kind and generous
to everyone he met!  "Ba'am"!!!!

Brenda Lynn!

Laura Lane Music!  "Where Words Fail Music Speaks!"

and then in color!

Phyllis and Jim!

There's a new Sheriff in town!  Ride the trail Sheriff Brenda!

Female American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis)
painted in watercolor by the permission of photographer Bob Vuxinic!

Buddy "the pup" Townsend! He is a very sweet and loving doggy!

Music makes you very colorful and anyway, "Girls just want to have fun!"

Hummingbird Clearwing Moth  - (Hemaris thysbe) painted in watercolor with the gracious permission of Canadian photographer Deb Johnston!

When Worms Get Lost
This is the time when worms get lost and can't remember which hole is theirs!  It is a very sad situation.

Taking a giant leap!
I'm taking a big jump over the confusion I see around and ahead of me!  I just hope I've leaped high enough!

Lumped together
We do exist on this planet.  We are in a specific moment of time.  It is up to everyone of us
to figure out what is most important.  Money and wealth?  Controlling all aspects of other
human's lives?  Or, helping each other?

Too many legs!
Sometimes I just have a lot of trouble going on walks!  My legs just don't want to cooperate
with each other!  I really need to learn how to coordinate my movements as I ambulate!

This is us!!!!
We are a strange group, but we belong together!

Happy Valentine's Day 2019!

We are all seeking directions
So many directions in which we look for answers.  I have friends that think they know the way to go.  Some of them are following illusions.  Others do seek a way to find knowledge.  I know time is unusual, but not all avenues will lead to wisdom.  Shakespeare would put it better by having Macbeth say,  "Canst thou not minister to a mind diseased, pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow, raze out the written troubles of the brain, and with some sweet oblivious antidote, cleanse the stuffed  bosom of that perilous stuff which weighs upon the heart?"

We may slowly be making progress into this year, but sometimes I still feel like we are underwater!

Normally when I take a walk, I try to ignore the various distractions going on around me.
But so many events in my neighbors' lives draw my attention.  Oh well!  How could a little
pause to chat cause any trouble?  Oh my!  Now I am involved in problems that are best
left to others!

I went to visit and old friend in the hospital and took him an Origami Tulip

Laughter can be good medicine!
Laughing may be a small thing in life, but it can make you feel better!  Just make sure you are
laughing for the right reasons!  "Laugh with people and not at them!" my friends said yesterday
at lunch.  The world needs joy!  And if you cause a person to laugh, you have helped to ease earthly burdens!

Fishing Lures of the World!
Ignoring fishing lures can save your life!  That one over there certainly is shiny and attractive!
Surely one little nibble couldn't hurt anything!

Advising the Young!
Some of our youth will not listen to advice from their elders.  I try to understand that position as they must see the perplexing problems in our current times that haven't been fixed.  Some kids will try to accept help while others think, "I know it all, so don't tell me anything!"  I just wanted to help them get past some of the roadblocks  in life that certainly overwhelmed me!  But, I guess some of them will  have to learn the hard way like I did!

Going in Circles!
Sometimes I feel like I am just going in circles.  That notion becomes more evident
when I can see my rear end up ahead!

Our Progress Director!
We certainly are all jammed up with the way time has put us into this new year.  We selected a
person to direct our way as we try to understand and take into account this new path that the
earth has taken as it rotates and spins.  Hopefully our director knows the right way to go and won't
lead us down a primrose path full of thorns!  Ouch!  What was that?

A Strange Sight to See!
I was looking for a girl in a flat bed Ford, but all I saw was such a strange sight to see!  So, I
don't feel like I can take it easy.

One friend who is always suggesting that we learn new words offered to help us understand
what subdermatoglyphic means by doing a demonstration.  He explained that it is, "The set of
patterns that are the fine whorls, arches, and other finger-ridges that have an underlying dermal
matrix which determines their distribution."  He placed us in a group that was supposed to resemble
a whirly, arched, and ridged group.  I really don't think we got the meaning he intended...

A tale told too many times!
Gossip passed on quietly is seldom stopped and does become louder.  The words are almost always altered and changed.  Please don't be a tale barer!  I know I must learn to believe as Edgar Allen Poe once wrote, "Believe nothing you hear and only half that you see!"  The Temptations would later use this idea in their song, "I heard it through the grapevine!"

Passing time the best we can!
The world may throw us together with all our various beliefs!  But some fine day we will learn
to exist together on this planet without hating or causing others discomfort!  I can see this will
take awhile.  But until we finally respect each other, we must try to learn and do the best we can
as we mature as a species!

Two Peas in a Pod?
Some say we are just like "two peas in a pod!"  But I know that there is always some difference even
between peas that are in a pod!  And the way things are going these days, I don't think we are that much alike!

The Ever Continuing Conversation!
My neighbor and I have a lot of arguments!  I try to understand his view point, but
he seems so blind to my side of the conversations.  He seems so wrong, but could
it be me that isn't right?  Until we get to the truth of the matter, we can at least keep
talking and discussing various issues in a diplomatic and kind way!

Why should I have to hide?  I didn't do the wrong!  The world should stand up for me and the others
who are mistreated and abused!  The world should punish the evil doers instead of sheltering them!
Since no one else is taking a stand, here I am!  Here's my face!  I am not ashamed!  Join me in being a voice for the voiceless, and let's work toward justice for all survivors!

Lying down on the job?
Some have quit trying to do any type of work.  We believe in working hard with the desire to reach an ultimate goal!  Can we inspire the slackers to get up and continue to strive toward a similar destination? Or have they given up?

The very unusual egg!
It drew my attention because it was different!

A Difficult Passage
Some forests are difficult to traverse.  Early explorers faced somewhat similar problems.  I know a
map might help!  And, I get the feeling that I'm being watched!

Someone said I was cute, and they liked my eyes!  That made my day!  I usually never
hear compliments.  But since someone liked the way I look, here I am again!  Maybe
they saw inside my heart because that's where my true beauty is located!  Wouldn't it be nice if
everyone could look past the outside to discover where the most important value is found!

The Weight of the World
The world can weigh heavily upon us.  Ayn Rand might have told us that "Atlas Shrugged", but Atlas might have told us, "Nah!  It doesn't weigh too much!  And, they did name some mountains in Africa after me!"  Still, we shouldn't put our burdens on others' shoulders unless they are too difficult to bear alone and someone offers to help us!

Unhappy Sea Creatures!
Sea creatures are very sad as humans won't quit polluting the oceans....

Early Levitation Experiments!
Some got the hang of it, but others crashed a lot!  I guess it just isn't for everyone.

The Hungry Fish!
What?  A delicious worm just hanging right in front of me?  Why I just can't refuse
that because I am very hungry!

Traveling in the wrong direction...
We had journeyed quite a long way when suddenly our leader told us we had wasted
weeks by going in the wrong direction!  I was so unhappy that I just sat down!  Someone
will have to carry me back to the beginning, because I don't feel like moving.

The Dent in the New Car!
I accidentally put a dent in my father's new car, so I'm hiding out until he calms down!

Being Blind to the world!
Being blind to the world can mean falling into a very deep ditch that no one can climb out. 
A new TV show "The Enemy Within" recently featured a song with the lyrics, "If you close your
eyes and you pick a side, will you follow blindly into the darkness?  If you close your eyes,
do you find yourself brokenhearted in a world on fire?"  My hope is that we all try to see what
truly matters and is most important!

My new friend!
We are very different in looks and beliefs, but we certainly enjoy each other's company!
He makes me laugh, and I keep him from being stepped on!  And it seems there are quite
a few that would like to step on him or eat him for dinner!  So it all works out in our friendship!

2019 Annual Birdy Meeting!

The birdy leaders are meeting again to discuss birdy issues.  Suggestions ranged from - finding better lavatory locations than just evacuating the bowels off of a branch at night.  Why do some birds get to change their colors depending upon the seasons while others must stay the same color?  Can we ask communities to provide adequate shelters during rain and cold weather for our migrating bird families?  Does Georgia have cheaper birdhouses in the north or south of the state?  Where is Larry Bird?  Why aren’t male Indian Hornbills arrested for sealing the female and eggs with mud, sticks, and feces in a hollowed hole in a tree and not allowing them to escape until the young are older?  Why are male House Wrens allowed to destroy nests and eggs of other species without being arrested?  Why are Tawny Frogmouth birds allowed to just stand with their mouths open and eat any creature not smart enough to avoid their mouths without actually working for their food?  Why are so many songs written with negative remarks about birds such as Nelly Furtado’s song that puts birds down and says they don’t know where their home is?  Or, how would Prince know what it sounds like when doves cry?  Suddenly one birdy leader said, “I’m hungry!” and the meeting quickly broke up as they all went to look for food!

The Blues went away!
For some reason, playing the blues always cheers me up!   Well if it works,
I'll just keep doing it!

Tee's Cap 2019
It's April and Tee is wearing his cap.  He realizes that he could be upset by various difficulties that
happen on this planet, but he also knows that there is good to be found!  So he wants everyone
to "Live long and prosper!"

I'm sorry!  I'm so sorry!  Please forgive me!  What?  You don't know what I did?
Never mind....

I'm a Choir Director!
I wanted to be a chiropractor but was told, "You just don't have it, and you should be a choir director instead!"  I listened to Danny Gokey's song, "Masterpiece" and loved the lyrics!  Now as a choir director, I am teaching the members to learn this special song because God is making us into a masterpiece!

Solipsistic ME!
Only I exist!  Hey!  Who is that listening to and arguing with me?  No one?  Then who are you?
You can't exist!  I'm going to close my eyes and you will not be here when I open them!  Hey!
Go away!  I think, therefore I exist!  Hey!  Didn't I tell you to go away!  Ouch!  Don't pinch me!
I can't feel that!  Ouch!  You say Gorgias first wrote about Solipsism about 440 BC?  That can't
be right!  No one else has existed but me!  Why am I still listening to you!  You don't exist! 
I am not narcissistic!  Ouch!  Didn't I tell you to quit pinching me!

What makes a hero?
How would you define a hero?  It can't be because of their height, wealth, or position in life.
A hero should be known by how they help others!  You can never know the weight of a person's
burdens, but you can certainly try to help ease their load!

Human Kaleidoscope 2
Here we go again making a jambalaya with the varied mix of our planet's cultures!  We
are such a diverse people with so much to teach each other!

The Bigger Picture!
Can you see the bigger picture despite the many obstructions that clog up our lives?

Don't be indifferent!
You should care about others around you and help them as much as you can!
After all, you may be in need of help someday!

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?
There was an argument as to how many legs make someone more beautiful than others.  The verdict was, "It depends more upon the inward kindness, caring, and love for others than on what is outside of a person!"

Walking my ???
I'm walking my ........  well, whatever he is!  I just hope he doesn't eat any more of those
little critters as they give him an upset stomach!

Arguing over nothing!
Sometime ago a friend taught me a valuable lesson.  I had discussed with him whether I should
talk to another friend who I felt was missing some line calls.  I thought it wasn't on purpose when
the friend called a ball out when it was in.  I felt the person should be told he wasn't seeing correctly
as I could see the ball hitting the line on the court.  What my friend said next influenced me when he said, "Do you want a friend or not?"  That made me realize that winning wasn't the most important thing and having fun and keeping friends while playing was much more rewarding!

Explaining Existence!
I tried to explain to you what is really going on in this world, but I can tell you are having
a difficult time in understanding the details of why we are here.  I'll pause for a moment
while you absorb and think about what I've told you.  I know it isn't easy to understand
but so very important!

A Singing Fish
Even though things were already weird enough, our world became ever stranger when a fish
swam by singing lyrics from a song by Donovan,"Way down below the ocean where I wanna be
she may be!"

Bad salad?
This salad tastes a little funny!  Did they put some sushi in it by mistake?  Although the crunchy
parts are somewhat enticing!

Mosquito Facts
Someone said, "Here's a new fun fact!  A Mosquito has 47 sharp "teeth" on its proboscis, and
six needles to drink up your blood!"  Now we are very worried and on the lookout for these
tiny vampires!

Finally fitting in!
It took quite awhile, but I finally found a place where I fit in!

Many look in the wrong direction!
A lot of folks were looking up in hopes of spotting something unusual or strange!
They should have looked down and around or even at each other!

The Puzzle Mess of Life!
We tried to figure out the puzzle of life by connecting with each other the best we could.  But our parts seem to have been mixed up from many different puzzles into one giant box and then dumped out all over the world!  We'd better learn how to all fit together and love each other as fast as we can!

The Laura Lane Music Show!
We are all on our way to hear Laura Lane sing tonight!

When I was young, my father took me to Wales to see a small town where our ancestors had lived. 
Hiraeth is a Welsh word that doesn't translate well into English, but it means "a deep longing for home!"  Many of the Welsh people would tell you that this word cannot be translated.  It has such a deep feeling which could even mean missing someone that is gone.  I would love to go back to Wales, but I doubt if I will ever get the chance.  While in that small town, I saw our family name on a mail box at a house and asked my father if we could stop and say hello.  He didn't want to visit and we drove on.  I've always wanted to go back and knock on the door to that house!

The OMUH Group!
The first meeting of the OMUH group was held recently.  We picked this name to represent our
beliefs that we are "the Order of Men with very Unusual Hair!"  Our first order of business was
to come up with even more ways to look different!  A person passing by overheard our
discussion and quietly said, "Did you know OMUH also means 'Offline Machine Unit Hours?"  We
decided to head for the nearest barber shop after that comment.

The Bad Instructor!
We are trying hard to not learn from our new instructor!  He is apparently not from our planet!
Because 2 plus 2 should never equal 7.  Talia said we should all bring him an "apple for the teacher!"
But we will only bring apples with worms in them!

Making a loud noise!
Sometimes it doesn't matter if a person is large or small to make their voice be heard.
But the loudest voice doesn't always mean they have the truth!

Friends help make life worthwhile!
I've often wondered why life is so difficult.  Enduring the many problems that we face
is so much easier because of nice and supportive friends!

Mr. Attitude!
I may have a small beak, but my attitude makes up for my tiny voice!

The D.A.G.B.T. group
We are the very happy members of "The Dialectic Art Group of Behavioral Therapists!"  We worked out all of our opposing views and are smiling because of the satisfaction we obtained when we all came together in our beliefs!  "Eh?" "Who wants to keep arguing?"  "Oh!  You think our acronym sounds like dag nab it?"  Oh dag nab it!  It's always something isn't it!  We will discuss that at our next meeting....

A Juge Mistake!
If we follow the wrong path or person, we will get tangled up!  And getting untangled is not
an easy process!  Sometimes it can take centuries to correct JUGE mistakes!  What?  I misspelled
a Qord?

The Elite...
I see the upper crust as over-cooked and very crusty!  Usually the higher levels are supported only by the lower levels, which is like a cupcake in theory.   It seems some of them think the underlings
are worthless except for manual labor or to help them become richer.  Do they think members of their own levels are inadequate and have no value as well?  Isn't there a word for that?  Narcissism? Egocentric?  Maybe the cupcakes need to be coated with icing!

It's coming!
We all saw it coming but just couldn't do anything about it. 

The Cure for Grumpiness!
I feel grumpy!  Maybe I'm not getting enough sleep.  Perhaps it's the world.  But no matter
how upset I am, I must be careful in my responses to others while in this condition as my
friends also seem perturbed.  One positive sentence with a smile could make a huge difference
in our despondency!  I know!!!  We'll all go hear Laura Lane sing as that will make us happy!!! 

Birdie Dinner Suggestions!
We were all very apprehensive at our friend's suggestion that we all go again and eat at the new Birdie Café but this time try the new "Braised Seed Sampler!"  His last suggestion had been "The Baked-worm Lasagna" which we couldn't digest.

Did the words we heard spoken last week not really happen?  I can't understand how a person could say something one week, and the next week say he didn't say the words.  Doesn't verbatim mean to repeat exactly what was said before?  Or, was he trying to "Bait and switch them?"  Good thing there was a video made of what he said last week! VERBATIM should never stand for - Various Errors Result By Announcing Things Idiots Mention!

Friends don't lie!
"Friends don't lie!", said Eleven!  We then had a lengthy discussion about friendship, truth, our world and our times and decided to move to another galaxy.

Mr. Grumpy learns to laugh!
Mr. Grumpy wandered through our happy community but immediately upset us with his negative views.  One friend went over and tickled him until he fell down and laughed so much that he cried from joy!  He became known as Mr. Happy after that!

We like to swim and explore!
My friend and I seem to have wondered too far on our regular daily swimming excursion.
So, we will do what Dory said and, "Just keep swimming" until we are past these strange
creatures because they might be hungry.

Cement toothpaste!
You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with wet cement!

Somnambulists Meeting!
We are members of a special organization called "The Somnambulists" and have come together for our monthly meeting!  But first we must all fall asleep!  And then we'll all wake up somewhere else which is always a very interesting aspect of our group!

Our group loves to learn new words.  Our new word of the week is "Ineffable" which means
"too great to be expressed in words!"  We love this new word and are showing how we feel
by our actions!

So fragile!  So precious!  So necessary! 
So taken for granted!  And yet we destroy it...  But there is hope!  Yes, algae farms are being
created for food!  "The food of the future!" experts are saying!  Google it if you don't believe
me!  And, if you don't like the thought of eating algae, insect farms are also being created!  Yum!!!

Truth and Answers!
Who do we listen to?  One who consistently lies?  Or to the one who answers the questions
we ask with honesty and truth?  We are all so different.  I do agree about that.  Mandisa sings
a song, "Bleed the Same" which says, "We all bleed the same!  We're more beautiful when we
come together!  We all bleed the same!  So tell me why, tell me why we're divided!"  What will
it take to bring us all together!!!!

The Naysayer is Among Us!
If you like someone who criticizes, is cynical about everything you do, objects
to everything good, invariably opposes and is always negative, then you'd love
to be where we are!  However, we don't like this guy and will quickly move on
to a better place!

2019 Birdie Fall Meeting
The meeting could have been productive but the Roadrunner representatives became very vocal with their demands on change!  Roadrunners are listed in the Cuckoo family of birds, Cuculidae, which is the sole taxon in the order of CuculiformesRoadrunners are very upset and have requested that they be removed from the Cuckoo family!  They desire this change because they don't live in trees as do most of the Cuckoos.  And because they can run at 20 mph and some have
been clocked at 27 mph, while no other Cuckoo can run faster than one mph.  Roadrunners are also concerned that Sonny the Cuckoo should not represent them, because he is "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!"  And they have asked everyone to understand that they never say, "Beep!  Beep!"  The Birdie leaders once again hung their heads down and sighed...  Maybe the spring meeting will be better.

The Dumped Bucket of Life!
Sometimes it seems we were all dumped from a large bucket onto this planet! 
We certainly  are a mishmashed jumble of beings!  We must learn how to get along
with each other no matter how different we are!  Each one of us has some good
we can share with others!  Please try!!!  Please try!!!

Happy Land!
I'd say I'm traveling with a friend, but we don't even like each other.  No one else wants to be around us because we are so negative.  Somehow we've wondered into "Happy Land!"  Maybe it will rub off on us....

My Big Friend!
I'm just a little bug, and no matter what you think or believe, I always have someone watching over
me!  This helps especially if someone is being a bully, and I need help!

Privacy these days!
It has become very difficult to have a private conversation these days on
a phone or even in public because so many are listening to what you say in
many different ways!

The Gelatin Mold of Life!
We are nonconformists so we stay on this side of the fence.  After all the gelatin is starting to harden!  If we can just stay away we won't be absorbed!  Or, is that a better place to be?  The grass certainly does look a lot greener!

What is really going on?
Sometimes it is very difficult to understand what truly is happening in our world!  My friend, John,
quite often tries to tell me what is right, and suggests that Bobby is to blame!  Of course, he is just
joking.  Usually the guy with a badge seems to have the answers!

The Broken Notes!
I guess the name should have been a clue!  But we just heard the worst music I think
this planet has ever had!!!  I don't know if my poor ears will ever recover!

Living in a hole!
Why does he live in a hole?  Does he have something to hide? 
Or is living like that just better?

Aduantas! (ah-dwon-tes)
Aduantas is a very unusual Irish word that describes a feeling of unease caused by being some
where new, or being with people you don't know.  This word comes from aduaine which is the
Irish word for "strangeness".  This group hasn't yet grasped the meaning of this word.  But until
they do, "Erin go Bragh!" says Lobbing Larry!

"I'm sorry!" said my friend.  I shouldn't be mad at him as we've been friends for many
years, and his apology is all that is necessary!  And as John Prine sang in his song,
"Fish and Whistle", "Father forgive  us for what we must do!  We'll forgive each other 'til
we both turn blue!  And we'll whistle and go fishing in the heavens!"  And forgiving is what we
should do for each other anyway!

Gossip changes!
Gossip will certainly change as it is passed along.  Apparently this tale was told
too many times as when it got to me and was about me, I did something that I
would never do! 

Voice lessons!
I had to give up my dream of becoming a Chiropractor and have gone back to being
a choir director.  But that is also a good profession if you don't mind a few bad notes!

Truth is not easy sometimes...
"Please explain why you think I am wrong!" said a friend.  "I would!" I replied, "But you
aren't ready to accept the truth!"  "Furthermore, your explanations and ideas aren't

easily understood until they are stated clearly!"

The Answer?
"I have the answer!" he said.  The rest of his audience wasn't too sure but decided to listen
to what he had to say.  We will let you know if he does have the answer because we all need it!

Our Zoo!
Welcome to our zoo!  There isn't an admission fee, and feeding time starts in ten minutes!
But watch your fingers when feeding us!

A Good Dancer!
He may have looked different from the rest of us, but he sure could dance the Foxtrot! One
smart aleck bird said, "He's only better because he has more legs!"  But, we knew that
wasn't the reason for his great dance steps!

"I'm singing in the rain!  Just singing in the rain!  No wait!  It's not raining!  Singing in the sun!  Just

singing in the sun!  Nope!  It's cloudy.  Singing off key!  Just singing off key!  Hurting everyone's ears

by singing off key!  Yes!  That's it!  But, I sort of feel sorry for those with large ears."

The Backlash from Misery
All I asked was a simple question, "How are you today?"  His bombastic, histrionic backlash of unhappy rhetoric let me quickly know he was having a bad day!  I was at a loss for a moment then replied, "Is there any way I can help?"

If you know someone is heading down a wrong path because you've been there
yourself, then yell out, "Stop!  Hey Dude!  Don't go that way!  It only leads to disaster!"

Speaking with five tongues!
I've heard of speaking with a forked tongue, but this guy obviously
will never tell the truth!!!

Higgity Piggity!
I learned something today that I wish I hadn't heard!  It was the kind of explanation
that would make crossed eyes uncross, and it made my mind go all higgity piggity!

Parenthood isn't easy!
Parenthood is difficult.  I've tried to teach the youngsters how to survive and navigate through
this difficult world, but it certainly isn't easy!  It is harder than anything I've ever done!  I think
I'd rather be back in the Army for basic training as that wasn't as stressful as being a parent!

Under the Sea!
Life below the surface of the oceans isn't easy and can be very frightening for the sea creatures!
But what happens down below, stays down below!

How to be a friend!
My friend was very sad.  My grandmother had a saying that hung on her wall.  It now hangs
on mine: "To have a friend, you must first be one!"  We should all try to comfort our friends
or anyone we meet who is in need of kindness!

Free food?
I'm hungry but not sure if we should go in.  Free food does sound nice, but
what if it's a trap?  Do mice ever consider that question before the trap closes
on them?

Merry Christmas 2019!!!


Do you believe everything you hear?  I have some friends that believe anything they are told without checking to see if it is true or not.  And believe me!  Truth can never be found in lies!
When I correct some of my friends they get mad.  I do appreciate a friend that can learn and not be angry when I show them they are wrong.  I do want them to prove to me I am wrong when I am!

How I Feel Inside

This is how my mind and psyche feel after someone I care about hurts my feelings.

Smile no matter what!

Smile even if your heart is breaking!  This is the time to keep on trying, for life is worthwhile!  And to cry for joy when the pain and problems are gone is the best kind of tears you can ever shed!